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Step one.

Build low density housing in an urban sprawl, every one with a handkerchief sized garden, but in such a manner it is inherently inefficient to ever be served by any form of public transport.

Step 1a
Ignore various reports etc going back to the 1960’s pointing out this is a bad thing.

Step 2
Talk for many years about LUAS,route etc but do nothing.

Step 3
Introduce bus lanes with gaps, and 24hr /7 day bus lanes with no buses (at night, Sunday morning until 10 or after)and wonder why the car is popular.

Step 4
Consider that congestion charging will, on optimistic forecasts for London , knock out 10% of traffic while car sales have, in most recent years,increased by more than this per year.

Step 5
Go back to step one.

(Author, a bus user by choice, spent from 08.30 to 09.05 waiting for any bus this morning, on a route with allegedly c10 min frequencies.)

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