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True…. oh true…… architecture does not appeal to only sense……it appeals to all the senses;…. sight, smell, sound, touch, taste…… smell,sound, touch and taste relating to people, food, atmosphere…..As we all know a city could look wonderful but it could be as dead as a doornail and lack atmosphere. But the look of a place, the very initial impression as I have stated is the most impressionable to a person…..and Dublin is featureless in architectural terms….much in comparison to a provincial British city. Let’s get our capital city, Dublin looking good, distinctive and impressionable,…..we already have the other traits …..the smells of food, vomit and piss…..a good mixture of people….and thank god too…. of all backgrounds and diversities, from the local riff-raff to beleagured and much contented foreign nationals who have made Dublin their home. Intellectualizing can be alien to common folk……..
Modernism was a natural progression of architecture …don’t knock it… stripped away the frivolities and decoration getting down to the pure structure and design as like the art and classical music of the times.
A couple of centuries before that the Reformation had somewhat done the same and produced the minimalism of it’s day in the guise of Palladian, etc…….but look what the the Counter-Reformation produced….the Baroque….over the top dramatic theatre….but visually brilliant if not to everybody’s taste.

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