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I’m inclined to assume that Edward is just blowing off steam – so I feel the ‘dialogue’ to date has gotten a little over personal and should be stepped down somewhat.

That said – Edward it IS difficult to se everyone who cold calls – too often (as an employer) you get caught – on the hop – running out to site or preparing for a meeting. I do believe cold calling is useful but you must have a precis and details to leave in the event that you don’t get any further than reception. Yes some practises can be very ‘stand offish’- thats life – people and standards differ from place to place – the best thing to do is get on with it.

One thing I find particularly irritating is when I do have time to talk briefly with callers such as your friend I often find that they have no information to give about themselves or work to show.

As to working for ‘Name’Architects being of assistance in getting work – I would tend to agree that this often does’nt mean much – A years experience working on tender packages for Joe Bloggs Associates is often more useful and desirable than two years spent colouring perspectives for Frank Lloyd Wright. A good name on a CV might stimulate interest but certainly won’t get you a job on its own. (Actually Genry would be a bit of a put off for me but that’s a personal prejudice)



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