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I find it very interesting that everyone is snapping at me because I made a few comments about the complacent attitudes of architectural firms here in Ireland. Only GregF has decided to talk about the issue I brought up. Thank you!

You may think I am arrogant, you may think I have a bad attitude, and you may be right. But what about you? Why is it OK for you to berate me for my comments, and then sit back in your easy chair and wait for support from other members? Are you better than me….I was taking shots at the Irish Firms, and you are taking shots at me. HMMMMMMMMMM????????? Is it not the same thing, do you not have an ATTITUDE as well?If I told you that you need to take a different approach, and that you need to lose the attitude, how would you feel? Maybe you need to look into the mirror? What do you think?

And, thanks GregF, I appreciate the support.

By the way. I am not looking for work…I am working! I originally brought up the point because I was worried about the direction OUR architecture firms and trends were heading in Ireland, but I guess thats not an important issue for you.

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