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from the ‘Sue Denham’ column in “The Sunday Times”

How low can you go? Terenure eyes under-playground parking

Parking is at a premium in many Dublin subburbs, but has it really got to the stage where we need to build carparks under school playgrounds? That very idea, howeever is being considered by traders and residents in Terenure

The denizens of the south county suburb hired Anthony Reddy Associates to draw up a local area plan. Small shops are having a hard time because “traffic calming” and bus lanes make on street parking a near impossibility. So why not go underground? One idea was to burrow under a school playground at the back of St Joeseph’s Church and Boy’s pPrimary School.

Sue did a quick ring around. “The proposal would be unacceptable and unrealistic” said matt Hume, principal of the school. “I’m assuming it would mean shutting the school grounds for the best part of 18 months. the disruption couldn’t be tolerated.”

And how would the Catholic church, owners of the land react? The local monsignor has made it clear to his congregation that he felt he had not been consulted.

“It would appear that there was less than enthusiastic support for this”, Reddy conceded. “These are merely suggestions. If there is opposition, they don’t go ahead.”

Maybe Terenure willhave better luck with another idea – inducing the Sunday World to take its noisey operations elsewhere…..

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