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I think they should definitely build the new Tara Street proposal… would act as an anchor at this point and a gateway with Liberty Hall across the Liffey as already stated. The Loopline bridge definitely needs to be remodeled as what was once proposed; a much lighter structure is needed….not because of the views of the Custom House but so as to minimise that obtrusive visual break in the city. (I think the emphasis on the Custom House is too much…. especially when one thinks that all we are looking at is a shell of a once important building as like the Four Courts) It’s a gas to see too, that people have changed their oppinions to in favour regarding the Georges Quay development…..I am not saying it is great but I remember it was once lambasted on these forums….I prefer this to the over scaled awkwardly fitting SOM proposal that was once mooted….The stack scheme seems to fit much better on the quays despite it being ‘a regular building’ in some other countries/cities abroad. Us Irish still have to learn how scale and height operates and works in an urban and city environment…..we are so naive.

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