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I agree in part with you Pete….but I did say that the council and corpo depts could be far more efficient in cleaning. (They are still learning, as it’s all new to us.) As for the comments regarding us been a filthy lot almost barbarian….well I stand by that. See the ammount of illegal dumping being done. There was a great programme on Prime Time last year which hi-lighted this…dead dogs,auld beds, household rubbish,fridges were all dumped the side of a particular road. Note too the Liffey at low tide.
Visit any suburb too and see that for every respectable presentable household see also a dirty kip with wrecks of cars in the front garden, weeds up to the window, gates hanging off the pillars, grafitti, petty vandalism, snotty nose kids, wild dogs, stray cats. I know as I live’d in such a suburb. And when such people visit the city centre they bring their hygene ethos or well lack of it with them. Note, all the chewing gum too stuck to the pavements especially on the newly repaved Henry Street even with bins provided. (Realistically too, Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe, that can be a factor ….young rebellious and stupid) Great subject material for Roddy Doyle and Frank McCourt…but all true…and when you think that according to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clark we’d be all living on big wheels in space in 2001AD.


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