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I think that the Metro is a necessary addition to the city’s transport infrastructure HOWEVER I also thuink that it woild be better complete the exisiting projects such as ALL Luas lines and ALL the QBC and then see how necessary it is and how it would compliment the exisiting set up. To be honest I forsee the DART factor rearing it ugly head – 1986 a much promised and heralded system that would run from Malahide to Greystones with a spur to the Airport – 2000 only then are the Malahide and Greystones sections completed and the airport run is quietly shelved. Also we can hardly say the quality of that system is good. New rolling stock yes but the stations in general are abysmal – most importantly the 3 city centre stations.
Personally I think we could do a lot better with exisiting resources and a fully built LUAS. Less concentration on the the city centre so that other areas outside get a chance to develop and grow. More cross city routes (removing buses parked in our streets), a LUAS spur to the Airport to replace the 7-8 different services operating there, better road construction so that we can have more QBC without the need to deprive everyone else of road usage, an integrated sytem with one authority responsible for all the public transport in the city thereby able to plan more effectively and efficiently.
As usual all will be different in 2-3 years as we are so fond of hearing. I wont hold my breath…. (God arent I cynical)

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