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what i mean is how often do we complain about all sorts of things … not least in this context …all those constructed things which are insenitive to their surroundnings. By this I intend the word ‘surroundings’ in almost all its meanings ….Physically, visually, socially and ecologicaly (maybe especially this one in alot of the cases to do with Ciaran Cuffe).
How many of these constructions that you complain about now, did you object to in the first place ?? How often do you go to your local planning office to check what kind of things are about to be unleashed into your precious world ??
We have no right to complain about the bad things in our worlds if it has been possible for us prevent them from happening in the first place.
Therefore, though sometimes people with certain agendas loose the balance of important things while trying to achieve their own specific goals, on the whole I see it that Ciaran Cuffe and his like are good for the system….. maybe nobody else actually really gives a shit about this world…I for one am glad that there are people out there who stand up for what they believe.
(and if nothing else its at least a check on the system dont you think ??)
whats your point about an taisce anyway ?

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