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Maybe then they should stay at the present site (but that is not to heed what B..B..Bertie said …… of cultural opinion …….me arse!)
Demolish that present pile and rebuild anew!

Or on the other hand if one considers that the present site is quite small and inadequate perhaps it would be a good idea to move to a new location as suggested.
A new high tech state of the art facility could be built overlooking the Liffey …..a landmark for Dublin city evoking the likes of the Sydney Opera House.
To construct or redesign a new theatre on the present site would be constricted by height and form limitations….. whereas a new spacious site down the docks would offer endless limitations. Think if the likes of the internationally renowned architect Frank Ghery (whom we discussed before)were to design the new theatre….what a plus for Dublin.
By the way the new proposed location is not that far from the city centre either, the city’s core is not that big and once we have a proper transport service.
Besides what has the present site to offer besides sentimental memories and an atrocious building designed by Scott which dates from 1966, (the original building was very small too ‘hence the fire’ ). The old ‘Abbey’ of Casey, Yeats and Co exists in name alone.
To add B..B.. Bertie Ahern ‘man of culture me arse’ should stop uttering his ‘pandering to the joe soap public’ vote catching remarks. As for Sile de Valera she seems more comfortable amongst the bogs.
The national theatre is for all the people of the nation.

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