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>”Andy, why should anyone from Dublin feel the need to ‘have’ a building to ‘outstrip Cork and Belfast in terms of “vitality, confidence and prosperity.” Honestly, the fact that those two cities contain buildings that are taller than any of the capitals should not generate a feverish attempt to throw something up.”

…couldn’t agree more. i wouldn’t back the construction of a very tall building if it wasn’t interesting and didn’t use it’s height as a primary artistic tool.

>”Does a city hold pride by having taller buildings, just for the sake of it…how about having buildings of high design quality, architectural merit, beauty, whether they be high or low?”

….again, i’m in agreement. for example, the river facade of the ifsc is one of my favourite things in dublin to look at. but here’s a half-assed analogy: i’m a musician. and i, like architects, enjoy variety in my chosen art form. if i decided to write ONLY 3-minute pop songs and nothing more, i’d surely be as boring as dublin’s skyline.

>”I agree that Dublin probably should be witnessing the construction of much taller buildings, but for reasons aside from because the ‘regional’cities are embarrassing us etc.”

….fair point. yes, build them for the right reasons. my point really was that if Irish cities, Belfast in-particular (ok I know its the UK but it’s got a lot in common), have no problem with erecting tall structures in their city, then what’s our problem?

>”Dublin’s tallest (Liberty hall)was an attempt to introduce height to the city for sake’s sake and I think it is one of the most boring buildings I have seen.”

….ok, but maybe if they reglazed those ‘rickety’-looking windows, it’d do the building the world of good.

>”Dublin’s vitality and confidence will not emerge from it casting jealous eyes elsewhere or by half- hearted efforts to make statements that supposedly re-affirm its status.Nothing has to be “proven”, where is the insecurity comiong from?”

….maybe the insecurity comes from having a mother from London and seeing with my own eyes what TRUE confidence in a city looks like.


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