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GregF, maybe you’re been a bit too blunt eh?

As for planning staff – well, I’m presuming that they are fairly restricted in their scope when it comes to turning down applications purely on aesthetic grounds. Then again, one recurrent theme in ‘planning’ is the question of when, why, and how planning officers should/must (not?) become the ‘arbiters of good taste’ – that’s a whole kettle of fish in itself. Personally, I do not think that the illustration provided portrays a building that is REALLY bland, I will admit however that it does not appear to be overly awe-inspiring.

As for the ‘locals’… how about a bit more in the way of public consultation i.e. consensus/ collaborative planning etc.? It can help smooth the road sometimes, towards the fruition of the more controversial developments and in the long-run can save time and money.

Martin, I’m not sure that GregF has an inferiority complex, there is no shame in wishing for higher quality and lamenting when it generally does not appear – which I think is what GregF feels (Ireland is not exactly a Mecca for outstanding Architecture and Urban Design)!?!


P.S. Apologies GregF, I do not mean to psycho-analyse you!

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