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Sorry Lynda, but I was’nt taking a swipe at you. The reason I mentioned the religious aspect is that there is a right wing Catholic/Christian group at the moment who wish to have a huge anachronistic representative statue of Christ erected instead. This would be ludicrous I think. Judging by the entries to the competion for the replacement of Nelson’s Pillar which ranged from a Celtic cross, a Tri Colour to M.O Nuallain’s 50’s B movie concept I think the best piece won in the end. I mean it has no political or religious baggage attached but just a sleek cyndrical spire, minimalist and pure for the secular age of technology and individualism we are living in today.
With the upgrading of O’Connell Street too ie the new paving, street furniture, GPO plaza, the Millenium Mall connecting to Moore Street, etc… I think the whole scheme will look wonderful….just imagine it. At least it deserves a chance…anything would be an improvement at the moment.

Cheers Greg.

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