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Re: 88 Capel Street the demolition was illegal, in breach of planning conditions on a previously approved scheme and works were commenced without lodgement of a commencement notice.

Under those circumstances, yes, its hard to succeed but An Taisce is pressing hard on the Corporation for a prosecution under enforcement and protected structures.

General approach to this kind of thing is to push hard for charges to be brought. This is not generally successful as Dublin Corporation and in particular senior management are unenthusiastic about planning enforcement or protection of listed structures.

However it’s unfair to say that An Taisce rarely succeeds witness the Spencer Dock Oral hearing where despite Ronan and Barretts huge funding resources serious pressure was brought to bear on them through the appeals process, I’m not a betting person but my money’s on an outright refusal for that one.

Likewise look to the history of appeals against Zoes’ at Barrow Street and their illegal car park development at Francis St, Cosgraves at Georges Quay and a myriad of successful actions against other poor quality schemes and you’ll realise An Taisce in Dublin is something of a force when it comes to fighting the likes of Mr O’Callaghan.

You can’t win every battle but it’s possible to make life very difficult for these types.

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