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I like it. Alien to Dublin it currently is, but it is situated in a area that can take it. Yes it will change Dublin. Is change so terrible? Can’t people wait to see finalised plans with full textures before dismissing the whole thing. The NCC building is unusual and would make a lovely addition to the north quays.

Im sick to death of people saying that a development must relate to its surroundings. Thats crap, in most [and this] cases.

The alternative to this project will surely be a bland low-rise scheme along the lines of the current IFSC buildings which totally under-utilise the limited space in Dublin. In a prosperous city, we need to maximise areas like the docks for development. Not that I advocate giving carte blanche to developers. I think the reduction in floor space and overall bulk of the Spencer Dock project has improved its scale immensely.

I don’t understand the local residents who seem to just want social housing, and low rise offices to perpetuate the boring hole that most of that area is.

Lets keep Dublin west of the Customs House low rise but allow a new, vibrant character to develop in the currently monotonous docks district, that acts as a foil to all the history and old world charm of the city centre. Look at La Défense in Paris for example.

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