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Blaming architects for bad buildings is like blaming doctors for cancer.

Do those of us who blame architects for poor buildings really believe that they deliberately design shite? If so, why would they do this?

For the money? I don’t think so. A B.Comm, for example, takes less time, costs less money and almost guarantees a better salary. Most people who choose to study architecture are not motivated do it for money reasons, because there are much easier ways to make money.

Architects are trained to make good buildings. I think that most of them try to do this as well as they can, because that’s what they spent 5-6 hard years in university learning to do. For an architect not to design what he considers or has been trained to consider to be a good building, he/she is guilty of professional negligence.The reasons for bad buildings are much, much more complex than the failure of architects. It’s so lame to attack an easy target.

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