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I have been reading this forum for some time now and have only just decided I would like to say something. I have been in college in the US for the last couple of years and I like to get a feel for how Dublin is progressing, or indeed failing, in my absence. Architecture is not my area of expertise put it has always been a passion. I know what I like and don’t like.

One thing that really outrages me is to read such pessimistic dribble as what Cathal wrote and indeed many others. This is the type of attitude that will put Dublin in the same boat as all those depressing small cities in Britain. Dublin is now in a unique situation. An unprecedented amount of wealth has been created over the past ten years. Ireland has been kind to investors and is now seen as very pro-business society. In other words we don’t have small-minded mobs protesting every enterprise that decides to set up shop and god forbid make a return on their investment.

Such comments made by Cathal as “give some money to Cork, Galway and Limerick”, suggests to me that you belong, in government, in one of those last remaining socialist states where people expect to receive everything and give nothing in return. How about getting of your ass and doing something about the, “too many profit hungry developers”. Maybe you should develop all the new housing going up! You seem to have all the answers. Take an economics class some time you might learn something. Supply and demand curve mean anything to you?

Remember Cathal anyone can bitch, that’s not hard. In fact most people do it because they feel they are contributing. This kind of contribution is getting nobody nowhere.

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