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john white

Hi. Sorry, I’ve calmed down a bit.

Maybe the ‘H’ word was a bit much. But I am so incredibly Dissapointed and thoroughly Disgusted with them.

I just don’t fathom how they could destroy a piece of their own Culture. A prime symbol of their connection with the community.

I haven’t a shred of religion in me. I don’t even believe that that Church was some particularly incredible example of religious architecture. And from the basic ‘it’s dead old’ point of view; it was only built in 1865!

No, there’s more to it than that and I pity those who can’t feel it.

Well, I suppose it’s all part of the rich genetic diversity which enables a species to evolve isn’t it? The art lovers and the ‘right-sided-of-the-brained’ administrators and businessmen.

It’s just very, very sad.


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