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J. Seerski

Given that Arnotts are going to redevelop, it would be timely that they re-examine the entire building as opposed to just adding on another extension at Abbey Street. It is an exceptional building on Henry Street, but it has been sadly diminished by the poor canopy and shuttering. If these were removed it would enable a greater appreciation of the building (as well as giving the building a greater presence on Henry St.)

On another matter, when they refurbished in ’98 -’99, they removed many sixties fittings revealing, for a short time, some late nineteenth century pillasters at the main entrance. These were, sadly, covered with marbel slabs which can be seen today.

And, while Arnotts is older than Clerys, Clerys was the site of the first department store (1851) – arnotts opened as a small store in 1845 – In fact, Clerys was the first of its kind, pre-dating Bon Marche in Paris!

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