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People, people, I was not poo-pooing prefabrication. I was just trying to explain to the chap above that it “…wasn’t built before your every eyes…” [see the sentimental comments above]

Infact I do not really see how the words prefabrication and technology [in this instance only] can be used together in the same sentence. The fitting of the truss was practically neanderthal … all those lovely little ashcon boys banging away[for hours and hours], trying to coax the truss to ‘slip’ into the fins on both quays. It was reminiscent of the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Oddyssey [and indeed an episode of the Simpsons].

Technology, I don’t think so.

Indeed Mrs Lister, the Future Systems Bridge is an absolutley beautifully structured bridge.

Good Afternoon!

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