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John Callery

I think this is covered in the archives but no harm of a few additions/reminders:

1. Office block adjacent to Donnybrooke Bus Depot.
2. Park House sitting on its stilts along NCR near Hanlon’s pub (now this is a fine old bar / architectural Victorian gem.)
3. Hawkins House
4. Government (black cladded ,wire fenced / detention centre looking) central computer blocks (2 off) sitting on their stilts – off Memorial Road / Con Colbert Road.
5. Phibsborough shopping centre, Stalinist Architecture at its best.
6. Blooms (Costa del Sol) Hotel and associated balconies also West County Hotel.
7. Wood Quay Bunkers.
8. Ballymun Towers and St. Michael’s Estate. (presently under rejuvenation).
9. Housing in North Clondalkin and Darndale.
10.ILAC Shopping Centre.

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