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After 5 years abroad I came home to be utterly shocked by what has gone on!! Previous nightmares include the Central Bank, Liberty Hall, the Arts Block T.C.D. I had thought people had got it together…but alas no!! All these plans without substance. Take the Smithfield Project…enhancing the cultural and social history of Jameson while creating a living space for people in a historic site. Take a look at the construction and the square metre potential of people living there. The building is already crooked. Is this to be a weird crooked circle of the leaning Tower of Pisa? Also knocking the back of Mountjoy Square and creating a cardboard jungle?….Liberty Hall, Busarus, the top of Parnell Square-towards Mountjoy Square is now demolished. What do they plan on putting in place? What about retaining our dignity in Irishness and building and who the hell are these planners and what are they planning??? Watch this space for yet another ugly building. We not only have to look at these eyesores…we also have to live and work in them. Where’s the enthusiasm and atmosphere or is it the innocent bystander who only has to get a headache looking at them? Remember before an ugly building gets started people should have a say instead of nightmares appearing overnight that will taint us for centuries !(ha!Ha!..not likely with the lack of craftmanship)

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