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Rory W

How about the appaling Apollo House on Tara Street, or that red brick thing opposite it, absolutely everything on Lower Mount street, the gang of three on Harcourt Road. That building on Ushers Island that belongs to a lift company (another one set back for traffic) is particularly unappealing. Findlater house (Telecom Eireann) O’Connell Street, the (corporation?) office block on Wellington quay (you know the one that has a particularly nasty gate on essex street in temple bar). The old Irish Press building on Burgh quay. The extention to the telephone exchange in Temple Bar (Anglesea and Fleet street facades). Of course the worst has to be Hawkins House, but rumour has it that the building has “Concrete cancer” and will probably have to come down anyway. Yippee.
Am I the only one who thinks that O’Connell Bridge house is Okay (well if you cleaned it up and got rid of the Harp Bar)???

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