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In the spirit of categorisation, I feel P&T/ Telecom Eireinn should have a section all of their own. The main switch exchange on Wicklow St (D.2) shows an almost comical lack of context. Best viewed from the roof of one of our many fine multistorey car parks (why are they the only ‘public’ places offering a half decent rooftop vista?). The lack of scale sensibility is beyond belief. The multicoloured plastic cladding panels on the upper ‘box’ must be taking the mickey. The final crowning of an off centre radio mast strewn with various techno flotsam adds to the viewer’s mounting disbelief.

TE have many other fine structures on their books — there is a particularly uninviting little number on Fleet St. / Temple Bar –totally out of context, utterly repellant, and set off the terrace line of the street for added offensiveness.

Any other choice TE examples you can think of?

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