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john white

As I said in an earlier post in relation to the Corpulent, Flabby, Leaden Ulster Bank Building on the Quay beside Tara St. Station I actually rather like elements of O’Connell Bridge House. The main problem seems to be in the facade facing the Bridge because of it’s cheap and boring looking windows.

Other than that I find it [especially from a distance – yes… ha ha..] quite graceful, suggesting upward and especially horizontal movement – rather like a great ship.

Some of you will probably say “Yeah, it should horizontally move itself a couple of miles east and not stop ’til it’s in a thousand feet of water”. But compared at least, to most of the other buildings mentioned so far in this thread it’s a flaming masterpiece.

I still say Hawkins House is the winner for displaying it’s horrendousness in such an obnoxiously large and imposing fashion.

Closely followed by a slew of other pathetic red-brick lego buildings.


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