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I couldn’t agree more with Mrs. M. J. Lister. I am sure we all have our own ideas. The fact that we are a relatively small island nation means that we are influenced by the countries surrounding us or ruling us as the case may be. It is all too easy to stick to the traditional, my only problem with that being, that we are not sticking very well to it. Which is the point I believe Ali was making with regard to the quality of material being used in buildings these days. Which in turn relates back to the point that Moranb (18 Sept) made about developers and planning needing to be proactive etc… So we are not doing anything new these days. We are just doing a bad job of regurgitating old styles in a scaled down economical manner.
I had the good fortune in the last two weeks to visit Dublin, Cork, Birr & Galway. While I love the feel of the Architecture in Dublin, I always feel there is almost too much of an English influence, in terms of brick for example. Cork also has some of the same feel, although again it is a beautiful city architecturally (I hope the Cork people realise this… a pound shop in a beautiful building, sometimes I wonder). Birr seems timeless or to be more exact it seem as if the clock stopped a hundred years ago, it is a wonderful place with a great sense of timelessness, but again the English influence is present. So to get to my point, Galway is in some ways beautiful and in other ways horrible, but of all the four places it has the least sense of English influence. So it seems true that Georgian buildings only exist east of the Shannon. May be we should look to the Quay St. High St. Cross St. corner for influence on how Ireland should look, I know the influences here are probably not Irish, but there is the case of becoming “more Irish that the Irish themselves”. I am not saying we should copy this, but there are elements that I believe are definitively Irish.
I know it is not something that has been discussed here before, but it is one of my pet hates so I will mention it and see what the reaction is; The Three Bedroom Semidetached Home. Can we stop building them, Ireland would be a much better place without them. I will say no more for now. Looking forward to your comments..


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