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Mrs. M. J. Lister

I agree we shouldn’t copy England, germany, france and USA. But where do you think we should start developing our own cultures architecture. Most of this countries examples of fine architecture over the last few centuries is classical which was built by or as a response to foreign rule in this country, and mostly by foreign designers. so surly this cant be a precedence. Before this we has the Norse, Vikings, invade and bring the culture and customs as well as building style. All major style can be accredited to foreign influences. surly even Christianity is alien to this land and must be seen as an international style. Even the Celts and beaker people probably the first settlers in this country brought there own traditions, to our country. so does anyone have any ideas what should inspire or inform Irish
architecture? Or what should we refer to, if anything when designing in this country?.
i have my own ideas and I am sure so does everybody else so lets start discussing them its time the built enviroment was given back to “na pobál”

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