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Hmmmmm – on the subject of cleaning – isn’t it about time ‘Busarse’ got a ‘bit’ of renovation.
(Read the following in an ironic tone)
I was there yesterday, and had time to admire the wonderful interior- I particularly like the stained brown suspended-ceiling tiles and those fabulous stripey tiled columns. And as for the floor, and those lovely clean bathrooms …. well what can we say?
(A lot, incedentally!)
It’s not the basic structure that’s at fault- although the AIB Bank headquarters across the road put it to shame- I just fail to see how it can be hailed as an Architectural Masterpiece when compared to some buildings
elsewhere Nationally and Worldwide, particularly The Green Building and those Dublin Corporation Offices, among many.
Anyway, I’d love to know what other people think. A few cans of paint wouldn’t go to far astray here!

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