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I am an Irish expat and studying architecture at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Obviously when studying in the Asia-Pacific region, one will not be taught of the architectural situation in Ireland, and I must rely on memory in order to enter into any discussion on this topic.

In terms of modernism in Ireland – one can only really see the true corbusean ideals manifest in buildings such as the striped and structurally expressive Central Bank on Dame Steet, or as previously mentioned – at Busaras.

Architecture is as much a product of the client(s) as of the architect – which is a rarely admitted fact (few aspire to Rand’s Objectivist egoism).

In such relatively ‘new’ countries as Australia where I have spent the last three years, two of which in full-time Architectural study and employment, the cultural diversity and ‘newness’ of everything evades deep-set precedent and therefore opens eyes to freedom and mide-ranging sculptural identity.

Dublin has been a city for hundreds of years longer than Sydney, is three times the size of venice, but anyone in the world can pick the site of the Sydney Opera House (Jorn Utzon – Denmark) or the Sagrada Familia (Antoni Gaudi – Barcelona).

Dublin doesn’t lack identity in its architecture, so why has nobody given Dublin to the world?

Or does it?

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