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I direct you to the end of an article on 29/12/98 “Ten appeals lodged against Dublin high-rise” By Frank McDonald, Environment Correspondent, Irish Times.

“…The city architect, Mr Jim Barrett, took the opposite view in his much briefer report, arguing that the scheme proposed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill had distinct advantages over an earlier office development planned for the site, because of its mix of uses.

His concern was that, if the high-rise scheme was rejected, the developers could still go ahead with the earlier plan, which was given a 10-year permission in 1990. It would consist solely of offices, in a cluster of seven blocks rising to a height of 60 metres…”

Having viewed that scheme in the then Dublin Corpo offices – I can assure you it was not pleasant on the eye.

I think this is further grounds for not throwng out the Cosgrave/SOM plan.

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