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john white

About time. Bravo!

I had expected it to be demolished for years.
Aaahh, brings me back to Florence every time I see it. Those ‘Della Robbia’ inspired Ceramic reliefs are gorgeous. If you like them too – you can see more like it in the National Museum around the doorways AND there’s a a huge reproduction of a Della Robbia [only in painted plaster I think] upstairs at one end near the Egypt exhibit. How they got THAT back from Italy? Who knows!

ALSO: In Collins Barracks there a florentine Bust of a young girl which is very Della Robbia in style [not ceramic though]. Funnily enough it’s dated very late. There’s 2 similar/replicas in The V&A in London dated earlier as I suspected,nearer mid 1500’s.


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