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john white

I agree Paul. Shopfronts are probably the most endangered of all structures. Remember the Black & Chrome draper’s in Monaghan town?

There was a nice Black & Chrome place opposite Blackrock Clinic – was: It’s been destroyed.

Anybody here ever seen ‘Hick’ Butcher Shop in DunLaoghaire? Marvellous! From the terrazzo style conglomerate wall tiles to the great logo over the window. I hope they don’t wreck it in favour of the ‘Plywood and MDF old style’.

Yep, I suppose I should plug my nostrils, go in and compliment them on a fine looking shop [ignoring all the dead things in the window] and tell them to look after it.

Just in case they don’t know themselves.

Like a local shop? Go in and tell them.


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