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Forum – I posted an entry here some years ago and have subsequently written my thesis – ‘The Irish Pub in the Global Village’. Received a 2.1 for it but in all honesty its no more than a first draft. Speed typing over four days. An interesting subject though.

If you are interested you can find it @

I am now doing an MSc in Urban Design at the Bartlett School, University College London. I have posted an entry re my thesis prosposal under the forum heading ‘The Croppy Acre’. Again I would be very interested in comment. Much more confident with urbanism than cultural studies.

Thesis will be concerned with hyperdensity and the city of towers. My proposal is a ‘sphere-city’; sustainable, spectacular, citizen orientated. I am very keen to develop ideas and discussion via Archeire which I think i s a very inspirational web-site.

regards, Shane Clarke (sclarke)

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