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john white

Well, actually in Dublin there are only one or two real traditional Irish pubs left. The Long Hall etc. They’re eclectic in style. With a natural incorporation of elements from different eras, Victorian, 50’s and 60’s etc. They haven’t been interfered with by people with ‘taste’. A great record of it’s voyage through the century.

We also have on the other hand – ironically, Irish Theme Pubs of our own. How ridiculous!

Totally artificial and twee.

Can we just keep the real ones please. We don’t need to retain the filth though!

Is there a preservation order on the filth and horrid smell in places like The International Bar and JJ Smyth’s?

“This ‘jacks’ contains traces of Brendan Behan’s Vomit. Do NOT clean. By order Dublin Corporation. Fine £500 and forcible admission to ‘Zanzibar’ pub.”

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