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James McQuillan

By visiting the Stag’s Head, you won’t ‘learn everything’ about Irish pubs, Donncha!

The original challenge from Shane Clarke was from England, I’m sure, otherwise he wouln’t have asked about the ‘cultural aspects’ of the Irish pub.

As for the Stag’s Head, this fits into the international class of ‘parlour house’ entertainment to be found all over the Anglophone world at the turn of the century, as far away as San Frasncisco, I’m sure. So it is certainly a ‘grand’ interior, but not typically Irish, as taken up by the ‘theme pubs’ that Clarke is studying in England.

As a better Dublin example, Donncha could have nominated the Brazen Head, alledgedly the oldest pub in the city, and very infromal in its decor, therefore so much more representative of the provincial Irish pub of the 19th. century.

I suppose the question arises – what IS the oldest pub in Ireland? I’d like to know, for one, but am too lazy (other irons in the fire!) and far from the material to sort this one out.

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