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James McQuillan

Following on from my submissions of last month, there has been no challenge at all to my suggestions.

So I propose that the building of the First Millennnium be the cashel of Dun Aengus, Inishowen, Co. Donegal. This is a unique structure in the history of European settlement, and if you haven’t visited it, then you are hardly in a position to comment!

I might accept the Rock of Cashel, an ‘acropolis’ of the second millennium, and therefore a worthy successor of the cashel of earlier times. However the Dun Aengus fort is emblematic of the antiquity of our culture in Ireland, and is in good and reasonably complete condition.

The other proposals are not that unique, as the street is found everywhere in the world, and power-stations are off-limits to most people. We must select something that is uniquely representative of our identity, and the cashel fulfills that admirably!

Any supporters out there!

James McQuillan

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