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john white

Would they really be classed as Art Nouveau?

I suppose there is an element of it. I’d say it probably spans the bridge between safe Victorian and shocking Art Nouveau then.

Yes, DunLaoghaire. Look at the tops of the main street buildings. Very unusual. They had extremely strict planning regulations in the town. Unfortunately some of it is lost.

Th shopping centre in the late 60’s was a terrible mistake. Check out the terracotta YMCA towards Walters Pub. Apparently the railings which curve downwards accross the road were adapted by a photographer who liked to have a good view of it. The Carnegie library [not sure of the style] is a perfect little gem. The fire Station is harder to find. Behind ‘Iceland’ Supermarket.

Yep, DunLaoghaire could be a real jewel with a bit of effort.

Instead they’re building more shopping centres.


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