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It’s funny, when old buildings become grotty and smog stained they can still look beautiful [to me] as for a lot of new ones…

Plastic doesn’t distress too well does it?

Of course maybe I’m showing my conservative side. Centuries of grime appeal to some; especially in the older arts. People were disgusted that the Sistine Chapel ceiling was to be restored and were disapointed to see the vibrant colours that Michaelangelo used. Likewise with the Titian and Holbein in London. It goes against people’s familiar idea of quaint oldness.

Having said that – some of these retorations do seem to be destroying the tonal variation in masterpieces for the want of increased colour luminosity.

What the hell am I on about?

When new buildings get old and dirty they look crap. Added to that, a lot of new buildings look crap anyway.

I’m sure there was a point in there somewhere…


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