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Hi JK, but you still have’nt stated what should replace the proposed scheme. What would you and the locals like to see there instead. Maybe your own architectural firm had proposed a plan which was refused just like that bloke Miceal O Nualain and the Monument of light debacle. I’ve seen the proposed plans and the design looks quite similar to contemporary schemes being built in Europe ie the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. So what is wrong looking to European cities for examples; they seem to get it right in most cases. They have centries of experience in urban design. Any attempts by us Irish at such in the past have always been ham fisted. To look at what’s there now well McGarry Ni Eanigh attempts at reconstructing the urban square was quite noble and honest,and Fusano Properties are merely trying to evoke a 21st century version of the Piazza san Marco and St. Mark’s bell tower in Venice with their scheme which includes the 23 storey tower. I could bet you anything that the tower will be refused permission and the height of the scheme will be dramatically reduced. I bet too that a quite unimposing, unimpressive scheme with sub-urban qualities will be built and then all will be right with the world. The architect who can devise a plan to hide ‘shadows’ within city scapes will be a rich man. Oh by the way I happen to be from Smithfield, born and bred in the place, The Cobblestone and Bo Derrols are my locals,(maybe I’ve seen you there) and to add I think it’s great to see all this redevelopment, too bad the rest of my kind can’t see it that way. If you’d voice your opinion which is opposite to their’s you’d be shot down such is the cliques that exist.

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