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Amusing, to say the least to read the comments regarding ‘locals’ in respect of their quite legitimate objection to the proposed developments on the west side of the square.

I happen to be one of those locals who will have to live with the consequences of development on the west side of the square and as a practising architect with ‘some’ understanding of design and urbanism I think that their vision of the consequences of this development is far more prescient than that of the majority of commentators on this web page.

As to vera duckworth design standards and crazy paved cladding, would anyone care to point out to me the offending dwelling. I’ve been living here for six years and I’ve never seen anything of the kind, so, some of the corporation houses sport pvc tudorbethan sashes, certainly no more offensive, and in my humble opinion a lot more harmless than a double block of eight, nine, ten and twenty three stories.

Now I have no doubt that some twit will become offended that I am basically saying “I’m an architect, as a result I know better than you poor ignorant laymen and I believe the west side development to be a dreadful mistake” (incidentally this is actually pretty much what I am thinking upon reading this web page) however bear in mind that this is exactly the kind of nonsense that I am at present reading on this page from the dafter commentators vis a vis their superior knowledge re: design and urbanism as opposed to that of some very nice, well meaning and community spirited people who happen to be my neighbours.

In short, talk nonsense if you wish, but for heavens sakes cut out the snobbery!!!!!.

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