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Smithfield now is perhaps sparse and minimalistic but come on it is a vast improvement on what was there before.It is a public urban space so it’s hard landscaping deserves to be somewhat grandiose with a hint of OTT. When the Duffy Bros side is redeveloped it will enclose it’s ‘openess’ Substantial building height is required here in relation to the width of the square.When the whole scheme is finished the area will settle down and with the addition of some appropriate street furniture, sculpture etc… and the influx of people the ‘Red Square’ feel will soon dissappear.To add, but why replace the anachronistic horse troughs especially if they consisted of mere concrete baths…. would’nt they be somewhat misplaced. Oh maybe they could be planted with flowers by the hanging basket society… a sculpture of a horse by a competent artist could be more apt to sum up it’s social history.

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