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Rory W

I remember reading a nutty idea in the late 1980’s in the Irish Independant Property section about how they were going to put the roads into tunnels under College Green and pedestrianising the area. I personaly think that if the public transport infrastructure was in place that there shouldn’t be a need for any traffic (except buses taxis and emergency vehicles) between the canals in Dublin, but because the Government (local and national) get ferried in by Chauffer driven Merc (except for the occasional photo opportunity) there is no incentive for them to do so. Also the fact that they listen to the whinging car lobby all the time. The one thing I noticed in London was when you pressed the button to cross the road the lights changed to suit you almost instantly whether it was in the “city” or the main shopping areas, why we have to wait up to 110 seconds to cross each side of college green is ludicrous.

Rory W

Oh yeah, if we had Smithfield turned into a square as far as the law society it would look bloody awful, you can almost see the tanks and the pictures of Chairman Mao…..

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