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Re: the two ‘early’ buildings:

Yes they were the two earliest structures remaining on Smithfield slightly older than our own building which was built in 1730.

Originally they were a single house four bays wide, with a pair of gables to the third floorwhich were removed during 19th century alterations which also split the original building into two.

No they did’nt burn down. The rear wall of one of the two buildings was mysteriously ‘pulled out’ one weekend which weakened both buildings to such an extent that they became structurally unstable thereby necessitating the demolition and facade retention works carried out by Dublin Corporation.

As to the second building no 80 – on the night of the fire two weeks ago I was informed by the fire officer present that the fire had been set ‘professionally’.

As to investigation – the Corporation does not regard it as their responsibility and as none of these buildings was insured no forensics investigation has followed.



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