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Dear John,

I think you are talking about terazzo. It is, I think, made of concrete with marble chips suspended in it. It usually has brass rods laid in it too. Isn’t it fab? Pricey though. I live in a fairly crummy 1950’s building which has beutiful pink and green terazzo in the hall. Just shows how little is spent on materials now…or here, its still widely used in Germany/France/Spain. Its nicely used upstairs in Stillorgan shopping centre.

The curvey floors: coving? Yes, for germs.

There are a couple of books on Irish hospital architecture, including one that came out last year by Freddie O’Dwyer (I think). It was reviewed in the Irish Arts Review by someone who said something like wasn’t it lucky that modernism with its whiteness and flatness etcetera was used for the hospitals as it suits a ‘hygenic’ look. Duh.

Further proof of the appalling standard of Irish architectural journalism. I have seen more sense and intelligence in a few months of archeire postings than I have ever seen in the Irish Times/Irish Architect/RTE

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