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Thats odd because the DCC have always previously maintained (at least officially) that they are opposed to moving the Abbey from its current site. Apparently it was this opinion that swayed Sile De Valera when she opted to redevelop the current site.

Personally, it is so blindingly obvious to move the Abbey to O’Connell St and such a rare opportunity to avail of an important site that I think the DCC would be mad not to take it.

As for what to do with the current site…. how about develop it as a ‘National Society for the Arts’ if you will. Perhaps hold on to the Peacock and redevelop the building over it as a theatre school or academy. That way you still hold on to the tradition of the Abbey (which after all was set up to promote Irish theatre) while giving the site a more suitable purpose.

Or else just demolish it and build a car park…

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