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The whole thing seems to have run out of steam. I havent heard anything about the ILAC centre for some time.

I agree with the question: What happens now? Will the CC hand the whole site over to a new developer for a similar type development? Or will it break the site into parcels again? Or will they revive the Abbey Theatre move idea?

There are an increasing number of vacant sites emerging in this area contrary to the purpose fo the IAP.. this is the most obvious but also the Independent offices, the old AIB branch on O’Connell Street. The IAP needs a bit of a heavey handed push from DCC to get things moving again.

Also what about the idea of making developers like Carlton Group pay for unacceptable delays in developing prime or flagship sites in IAP areas? Immsure they will get a more than fair price for the land under a CPO….what about compensating the city for the time they have wasted.

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