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Speaking of Ringsend what about the building (I think its an ESB substation)Between the new apartments (Charlotte Quay et al)and the Bus garage, just opposite the Texaco garage. This is one of my favorite buildings in Dublin. And probably the best looking bit of utility architecture in Ireland.


PS there is a Bauhaus style house just down fom where the old Aspro factory stood (now bloody Texas Homecare),on the apex of the Naas road and the old Naas road at Bluebell. This house was threatened by Burger King who wanted to pull it and its mock-tudor style neighbour down to build a drive-through (yes thats how it’s spelt) restaurant. But I think that they gave up on the idea. Also note the Brooks-Thomas office Building (now only half its original size), this whole area seems to be a modernist enclave.

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