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Well said MrQuillan. I enjoyed your mini-essay.

You know I was in London last week-end for the first time in 11 years. I didn’t really have the facilities to appreciate it last time but this time – my God, it’s just stunning. Paris is beautiful but quite uniform – as was the intention I believe. London has such variety. I didn’t realise how many buildings in a similar style exist to the ones I mentioned at the origin of this discussion. I was aware of Broadcasting house & Battersea power station of course but there are so many more. London center particularly is an absolute joy but even the old docklands buildings such as Lyle’s, and the odd one by the Thames with the huge clock (?) and on and on… Fabulous.

I took many photos during trips from one gallery to the next and hopefully will make those available here soon.

Oh, my girlfriend and I managed to seek out the Michelin Factory. It was illustrated in a book in the Tate. Nobody in London knew where it was.

It’s on:

Fulham road, South Kensington – not far from Sth Kensington High Street Underground station.

We loved it! So exhuberant and colourful.

Back in Dublin now – the place is so… empty.


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