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It is obvious that O’Callaghan (of Dublin Fame) thought that he could demolish Archers and then submit a planning application using Cumberland House’s 7-8 storeys as the height precedent.

He obviously thought that Heritage groups wouldn’t really care about a deco building as their primary focus historically has been buildings built pre 1900.

At the end of the day, Archers was copied reasonably well and O’Callaghan only got 4 storeys in the buildings curtillage.

It proved to be an expensive miscalculation, although he did secure IIB to occupy it, I doubt they would have gone for the rest of the scheme without the prestige Facade of Archers even if it is a re-instatement.

It is even possible that he would have gotten a higher quantum of floor space if he applied to retain archers and instructed his architects to design a very symmetrical and sympathetic (wrong word I know) building, Art Deco is a licence for creativity in my opinion not a hindrance.

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