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i can assure you im not left wing, and certainly dont go in for that misguided, ill-informed happy-spa shit.

im not saying that everyone was well behaved and the place was pristine 24/7.ive been in that plaza (as many others im sure)hundereds of times when it was open, at all hours of the day and night, and the next morning. it wasnt that bad. now i think it would be an extremley rare situation to find excrement on the steps, urine and sometimes vomit i will give you, and some rubbish from fast food outlets the night before. i dont think anyone would deny the place became messy. but name me a well used public space that doesnt?
its the laziness of the option to rail it all off and ruin the space that i have a problem with. employ a guy to come out with a powerhose early in the morning (as they do wit many buildings and public spaces on the continent) and after a few minutes the steps are as clean as they ever were.
leaving the city with the public space it deserves. in my eyes the railings dont just make the plaza smaller they utterly destroy it. its the quick fix, short term, narrow minded, thoughtless solution typical in this culture run by unenlightened morons who see politics and positions of authority as windows to easier lives for themselves rather than an opportunity to make things better.

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